Day 4: Operation Six Pack

Day 4: Operation Six Pack

Day 4 (Saturday) I slept in LATE today, so I only ended up eating two meals today, although my first meal had plenty of carbs and calories to hold me over. My mom went out to the bakery and buys breakfast pastries for everyone, gets me a plain croissant topped with some sugar (“I got you this instead because I know you gave up sweets!”)….sigh…..I consider this a sweet, but my mother was so proud of herself for getting it for me, so I ate it (I FELT GUILTY ABOUT THOUGH OK!), so I just did a longer workout to make it up to Jesus for not following my promise (sorry, my main man).

Breakfast: I guess it’s sort of a brunch though because it was so late?
Coffee (with a little bit of vanilla soy milk)
Croissant (I tried to scrape the sugar off the top to make it less of a sweet)
Greek yogurt (Light and Fit by Dannon, I LOVE IT, it tastes so good, no fat and a lot of protein!)

-Rosemary Chicken breast on the grill (I ended getting another piece that isn’t pictured)
-Steamed Broccoli
-Sauteed sweet potato perogies with onions

Snack (not pictured): Smoothie – chai tea, banana, low fat vanilla yogurt, ice and some cinnamon (it made about two thermoses-full)

Not Pictured: my morning water bottle, a glass of water after my run, and a bottle of water while I was watching a movie after dinner

Workout: 50 minute run, then 15 min core/abs (30 second of one ab exercise, then switch, no rest in between)


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